How to Create a Logo with Corel Draw

This is the English version of Corel Draw Tutorial as shown HERE, that was written in Indonesian.

In this tutorial, we try to make a simple logo using Corel Draw X3. As an example we will create a logo KENTDesign.

Preparation :
a. Create a new document. Click File> New
To size up the documents, it’s all up to you (in accordance with needs)
b. On the Property Bar, change the units to cm

1. Create a rectangular box with 20 cm x 6.5 cm sized using the Rectangle Tool (you can simply press the F6 button)
Click on the rectangular object, set the size in the Property Bar.

2. Give color gradation as you like
3. Type K on the rectangular object. Use the existing font you have.
For example: fonts m-Ben Krush, red colored
4. Create a black outline effects using Interactive Contour Tool
Ket: If the tool is not visible, click the triangle button / sign in the bottom right corner of the tool that located just below the Text Tool (Signs Letter A), and select Interactive Contour Tool

Set the parameters on the Property Bar (Value added as needed)

Then separate the Contoured object with the source object. Select on the contoured object (black colored object) or select both of them by using selection area method (using the Pick Tool). Then click Arrange> Break Apart Contour Group. Or press Ctrl (don’t release before done) and press the letter K on the keyboard.

5. Next, give Bevel effect to the letter K (red colored letter)
Clicks: Effects> Bevel. Set the parameters as shown below.

It’s Fun, right …? Let’s continue….

To make the invisible plain, you can give gradation color effect on the object. This time as a practice we will use the Interactive Transparency Tool (it’s a bit complicated, huh, but it’ll let us know better tools in Corel Draw. OK ….?)
Well, back to step No. 4 once again. Select the object K in red colored letter. Create duplicate object by pressing Ctrl + C (Edit> Copy). Then create a new page by pressing the + sign in the bottom left corner of the work area. You also can press the right mouse click on the page line and select Insert Page After. Then press Ctrl + V (Edit> Paste)

Continue with step No. 5.

After that, make a copy of object on Page 2 to Page 1. Pick white color on the Fill color.
To give the gradation effect, we will use the Interactive Transparency Tool. This tool is one group with the Interactive Contour Tool. (Still do not remember …? If so, you can see in step no. 4, and select the Interactive Transparency Tool.

Make a selection of the objects that will make transparent. Click and drag the tool as you need. (can be from top to bottom, bottom to top, etc.). Now it looks better right?

6. Drop Shadow Effect
Select the K object that is black colored. Click the Interactive Drop Shadow Tool (One group with the Interactive Contour tool as seen on Step No.. 4)

Set the parameters as follows:
- Drop Shadow Opacity = 100
- Drop Shadow Feathering = 6
- Feathering Direction = Outside
- Tansparency Operation = Normal
- Drop Shadow Color = White

7. Type ENT letters behind the letter K. Set the size according to need. Give Contour and Bevel effect as shown in step no. 4 with your own parameter values. Or you can add a gradient effect with the Interactive Transparency tool as in step No.. 5.

8. For the finishing step, you can add some ornaments as shown in the sample project by drawing it yourself or take your picture collection. Or you can save the picture below. (click to enlarge, then right click on the image, select save image as, and save on your storage media).

OK Boss ….? Good luck….!
Next time we will try to make more fun n ‘cool design.
If you have any questions or some suggestion, please give em to us.

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